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Character Fanmixes- Jandi
tvjunkieftw wrote in collection_unt
Medium: Imaginary Television
Fandom: The Collection
Subject: Character studies through song
Warnings: Engrish Lyrics

Bel Air- Malice Mizer
In the night which shrouds my back and in the darkness
, I draw a painting, and I am maneuvered by a dictator called time

Escapism- An Cafe
Those days that the two of us followed our whims
Were contrarily not a lie I told myself
I keep fighting Between the loneliness and the solitude
The weakling ran away from the reason

Freedom Fighters- Miyavi
When you close your eyes, blue sky
When you reach out, there is freedom
On days it gets cloudy and starts to rain,
Let's take a trip up the rainbow,
It's sunny above the clouds.

Redemption- Gackt
You told me
To live as if you were to die tomorrow
Feel as if you were to be reborn now
Face as if you were to live forever

Prism- Psycho Le Cemu
Yes, I haven't fallen down. I've swam with all my heart.

Though I've looked for a way out all day while in trouble.

Gardenia- Malice Mizer
deep in your cherub's eyes I see
Everything I ever held dear to me
I'll take you somewhere new with me, and together we'll always be
Enfolded in my arms so gently...I'll never let go

Orenji No Taiyou- Gackt & Hyde
Watching your innocent face
as you played in the glimmering waves.
Running all over the beach barefoot,
How I adored you.

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